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Memorial Wall

LST Memorial

LST Memorial

LST Memorial

During World War II, the Land Ship Tank (LST) was built in Seneca. Thousands of people came to the area to work and live during the war.

Middle Eastern Conflicts Memorial

Situated on the banks of the Illinois River in Marseilles, this memorial is the only memorial dedicate to the servicemen and women who have lost their lives fighting in the Middle East wars.

M.J. Hogan Grain Elevator

Erected in 1861, this 65-foot tall, 70,000 bushel capacity elevator is one of the oldest remaining grain elevators built along the I & M Canal. Tours by appointment only.

Illinois Fallen Soldiers Tree Memorial

Just across the Illinois River, a second monument celebrates the lives of Illinois soldiers lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. Spread across a two-and-a-half acre meadow in the far-west of Illini State Park, the 250 oak trees that make up the Illinois Fallen Soldiers Tree Memorial offer a serene, peaceful tribute to fallen troops.

Illinois & Michigan Canal

This 96-mile historic state trail goes through the center of each community and offers views for nature lovers, information for history buffs and action for sportsmen. The canal provided the first complete water route from the East Coast to the Gulf of Mexico.

Katie Hooper

Long retired from service on the Mississippi and Illinois rivers, the Katie Hooper is a restored four-story 1948 river towboat that hosts a restaurant on the main deck, and a pizza and beer garden on the second and thirds decks. Come by land or by sea, the Katie Hooper has parking for cars on shore and hundreds of feet of dockage for boats that arrive by water.